Sunday, September 13, 2009

Book fair mouthshut (eyes open ofcourse!)

Dear kasusobhana,

You do not have to win a Contest to become a winner of the Book Fair. You write a book review and get into a win-win situation. 

The book festival at continues to thrive, excite and burst at the seams., India's ATM for books has offered a 10% discount on books which are already cheaper than the existing market rate. To avail this exclusive and snazzy discount all you have to do is write a book review. It is really as simple as that. 

Over and above this, 
write reviews to win attractive Gift Vouchers sponsored by 

First Prize: Gift voucher worth Rs 1000/-
Second Prize: Gift voucher worth Rs 750/-
Third Prize: Gift voucher worth Rs 500/- 

Everyone who participates in the 
Book Festival is a winner. You write a review, you get a 10% Book Discount; you write a super-review, you win attractive Gift Vouchers.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to write your book review now!

Jasmine Ahuja
Head - Member Support 

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