Saturday, August 1, 2009

chess polls - results and analysis 01

Majority : Know the game; no patience to play.

Analysis : You are a born genius and very knowledgeable person.
You look for quick results for all your words and deeds.
You grow impatient and start shouting with (even) near and dear when disturbed in your job of interest.
You will have stomach troubles.
Some times - unknowingly or unintentionally - you hurt the feelings of some sensitive persons around you.

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to vote for "What is chess?"
but had no time to click.
What do you think about me?

Anonymous said...

May I .............?
: Naukri :

Anonymous said...

//but had no time to click.//

You are some one who would give any thing a deep consideration even if it means missing the bus.