Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ice magic

This is a portion of the ice block, taken out of the freezer box of our Whirlpool - Icemagic fridge after de-frosting the machine for 12 hours. What you see in engalblog (blog dated 23 Nov 2009), is an edited version of this photo!

Are you a critic?

Just a loud thinking on this subject triggered by what I read in facebook today.
Even the mention of this word irritates the receiver when he/she thinks that it is aimed at him/her.
Do you know that there are 2 types of criticisms?
One is constructive criticism and the other one is destructive.
Constructive criticism is always welcome - since it gives scope for further improvements on the part of the doer, provided the receiver is in a receptive mood.
You could have just watched many constructive criticisms - like Subbudu / Kalki isai vimarisanams, (mostly) where they voice the criticism and also suggest some improvements.
Constructive criticism encourages the performer - to do better in his creative entities. 
Destructive criticism is a sign of jealousy and is a lousy way to express the views.
Any critic who offers destructive criticism to anybody - must try to do that act which he or she is criticizing in others to see - how hard it is.
Remember Salangai oli - Kamalahaasan character?- what is the criticism - he followed?
Finally, if you want to avoid criticism all the time, Say nothing, do nothing and BE NOTHING!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sankalpa Siddhi workshop Mumbai 29 Nov

Suresh Padmanabhan November 24 at 2:02pm
Secrets of Manifestation, laws of attraction and
other higher universal laws
The power to create what you want now in your
hands and mind.......

The western movie "Secret" created a lot of interest
into the world of Manifestation.
Now add more power and techniques of the "East"
to make it complete...

Some amazing techniques:

* Powerful meditations to reach and maintain the state of manifestation.
* Ancient Mudras which will accelerate your success.
* Discover the most secretive spot in your body without which a lot of hurdles get created for manifestation.
* Techniques that will trigger supernatural powers within you.
* Discover scientifically major breakthroughs in quantum physics.
* Master the connection between breathing technique and manifestation.
* Learn the impact of the "Sun" and the "Moon" which plays a major influence.
* Learn Time Compression and Space Clearing Rituals that help manifestation.
* Amazing techniques used by the "Cave People" 35,000 years back.
* Powerful techniques from the sacred texts of the east.
* Startling postures discovered 1000's of years ago, that will instantly connect you with the Super Conscious and lots more.............

Important Instructions: Participants Please get the following:

One baby nipple, one cloth to cover your eyes, one candle, one hand held mirror , two toys of your choice, drawing sheets with colour crayon set, some sweets ( about 15 numbers min ), some coins of any denominations ( about 8-9 nos ), one positive face mask and one negative face mask ( you can create them or buy them)

One full day experiential workshop. Attending this workshop with Children and Family is highly advisable.

Mumbai Workshop: Sun 29th November (8.30 AM to 8.30 PM)
Venue: Hotel Solitaire, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai.

Contact: Mr. Yogesh Naik Mob: + 91 98205 91354 E-mail: