Monday, September 14, 2009

Food / fodder for thought !

Bullock carts are to be taken off the roads- says a news item.
 Does this mean there will be a ban on the carts using the iron rim or there will be a general ban on bullocks to be used as draw animals.   Such a move may result in 1. more beef eaters, 2. more stray cattle on the roads, 3. less cows and less milk production.  Which will be the most dominant?


Anonymous said...

// less cows and less milk production //
So, more price for Aavin milk?

Anonymous said...

With automobiles, three / two wheelers multiplying like bacteria, bullock cards have got to be shut out! Horse carts have vanished and it is the turn for the bullocks. Like female infanticide, ilam kaalaik kandrus (young male calves) will be eaten more quickly?

Perhaps for a country like india, what we need is two slow speed lanes on either side of the road, so that slow moving vehicles can move about easily and without hindrance. Even then our autos and two wheelers will encroach and make life hell as usual.