Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are you a critic?

Just a loud thinking on this subject triggered by what I read in facebook today.
Even the mention of this word irritates the receiver when he/she thinks that it is aimed at him/her.
Do you know that there are 2 types of criticisms?
One is constructive criticism and the other one is destructive.
Constructive criticism is always welcome - since it gives scope for further improvements on the part of the doer, provided the receiver is in a receptive mood.
You could have just watched many constructive criticisms - like Subbudu / Kalki isai vimarisanams, (mostly) where they voice the criticism and also suggest some improvements.
Constructive criticism encourages the performer - to do better in his creative entities. 
Destructive criticism is a sign of jealousy and is a lousy way to express the views.
Any critic who offers destructive criticism to anybody - must try to do that act which he or she is criticizing in others to see - how hard it is.
Remember Salangai oli - Kamalahaasan character?- what is the criticism - he followed?
Finally, if you want to avoid criticism all the time, Say nothing, do nothing and BE NOTHING!

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