Thursday, August 20, 2009


The cross words, Su-do-ku and other riddles requiring our writing into them are so positioned they straddle the horizontal fold making it difficult for aceess?

Is it a way to discourage working on them while travelling or is there some other real design considerations making it difficult for the page maker of the news papers?


கௌதமன் said...

Normally i do not fill SU DO KU.
Occasionally - i do fill jumble - in news papers. The positioning of these items in news papers - is just like using big staple pins in some astrological magazines - so that a casual SRLY BOOK STALL visitor (station employee i have seen in Gandhi book stall - Chromepet) can not read his raasi joshyam - without buying the mag!

Su said...

sometimes they have much simpler methods. they make it so difficult, you give up too easily. hindu crosswords do that to me.