Thursday, September 3, 2009

Capacities Overstated?

How sad that a huge government machinery, employing scores of planes, copters and thousands of men fail to locate the whereabouts of the helicopter in which Andhra CM travelled! We boast of missions to the moon, nuclear capacity and many more things.  They say the search operations are several times more intense than search for mumbai terrorists. Still nothing is forthcoming, what with night vision equipment, satellite photography, aerial surveys and things like that.
It goes to prove that very simple happenings cannot be countered by man made methods.  Not that there is the hand of god in all this.  Even someone could have kidnapped the travellers in the copter, silenced the alert equipment and waiting for making the most effective calls for ransom, deals etc., after establishing the fact that technology and brute force cannot always be effective against certain things.  What a pity. Are we going to see a repeat of Kandahar, this time the concessions being extended by the party opposite to the earlier helpless beauro/auto/crats.


Anonymous said...

Let us all pray for the well being of the well meaning man who wanted to do surprise inspections to ensure developmental spending going to the common people.

kggouthaman said...

I think searching for a chopper in an area of 225 square KM - is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

kggouthaman said...

Sad news has come in TV channels at about 10.30 AM 03/09/2009.

Anonymous said...

It is generally believed (or rather it was believed) that aerial surveillance equipments now available are so sophisticated that they might even find a needle in a haystack! But experience proves otherwise, more recently exemplified by the failure of chandrayan to sustain.

At times of gory accidents, especially when prominent figures are involved, mind goes philosophical but only for a while. Time heals all shocks and we have smartly recovered from the demises of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv etc.

One sad truth is that even when the dead man is yet to be buried, such a hallaballoo is raised about anointing his son as the natural successor to the 'throne'. This was done somewhat in a more subdued and sombre way when Rajiv was sworn in as prime minister.

One does not feel comfortable viewing such enthusiasm for selecting a successor from the family despite the fact that the candidate is rather inexperienced for the high profile post.

Anonymous said...

May be that is how the party can give the departed man's family to come and tie up the loose ends.