Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is the big idea?

Hi friends!
This is a mail forwarded by one of my friends. What are your comments on this. Please feel free to write here.

Thank You.   KS.

TRUE copy of the mail received today: One clue : The writer is an advocate. 
Please find herewith attached copy of the Endorsement from BESCOM, I would like to intimate you that don't worry about the Meter Transfers because of the Shifting of office and Flood in North Karnataka it was delayed for a month and you also knows how the government peoples works and If any one having any problem kindly ask them give a call to me or else send a mail to me I will discuss with them.
If we are submitted before shifting files will be misplaced or some other problems will arises for that reasin only our person hold it for a while.
We are all into professionals we don't want to disturb the client and even we are submitted long back ago only, rest of the things will be done very soon, I will keep updated on that.


Anonymous said...

God Bless this man's clients. that is all one could say.

People argue that making kannada or tamil the official language for courts is the only solution. But even accredited writers in Tamil commit silly grammar mistakes. Our tv news bulletins are a case in point.

POET said...

Well said Anony.
Importance for regional languages is a must - especially in offices and places where - the customers are people of that region.