Friday, August 28, 2009

Intelligent readers ur attn pl!

Is it possible for some person to be born [/ to die] on 30/31 February of any year?


Anonymous said...

In a way, YES.

கௌதமன் said...

ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவன் / ஒருவள் ?

Anonymous said...

No way!

கௌதமன் said...

ஆயிரத்துல பொறந்து அன்நூத்துல வளர்றவங்க / வளர்ந்தவங்க ?

Anonymous said...

anony 2 is cor ect in a way!
-anony 3

Anonymous said...

If one raises an obvious question like his, (s)he has to justify such a record is possible.

However, I came across a school certificate showing 30 Feb 1938 as the birthdate for an EB Employee. When we asked whether we could take 1 or 2 Mar as birthdate, Govt clarified that as per rules, the month is deemed to be known and therefore date of birth should be 16 Feb.

Some people say that years divisible by 400 should have 30 days in Feb. However, that did not happen in year 2000. Though there were speculations about this, I do not remember the authority who put it to rest.

Do you know that in british times, the jathaka notes of a person were accepted as proof of date of birth?

Our custom is to celebrate Janma Nakshathrams only and not calendar dates. This is slowly on the way out.

Hindus believed that lights going out at important junctures were an inauspicious omen. But shooing candles off on the birthday cake is now considered normal procedure. Western influence!

People born on 29th Feb could celebrate their birthdays only once in 4 years. Therefore this habit of celebrating calendar birthdays would make them save some cash but forgo considerable happy moments.