Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bangalore or Chennai?

Baburaj Packirisamy - during a chat - asked me a question.
"Which is a better place to live, out of these two: Bengaluru and Chennai?"
I was not able to answer him immediately.
Can anyone reading this blog - state his/her preference/recommendation and reason for it?
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Garden city is the best.

raman said...

Political corruption, hooliganism, partisanship, water shortage, unhygienic conditions make chennai a veritable hell. I suppose these problems exist in Bengaluru as well but to a perceptibly lesser degree. so my vote is also for bengaluru as matters stand at present.

music lovers may prefer chennai for the variety on offer.

kg said...

Anony's Garden city could point to either of the two cities for both were known by the name some time or other.

There appears to be an "ikkaraikku akkarai pachchai" attitude in both the cities. But there is no denying the fact that B enjoys another and relevant nick-name as "PR City"

கௌதமன் said...

In the omni buses plying between chennai and bengaluru - you can see
Garden City / Marina city - written on the rear shields.
There is a race for the title IT city between the two.
What is PR?
Public relations? Pallupona Retired people resort? Pottu Rayar? Picnic resorts?

kg said...

1/4 of the above is correct

Anonymous said...

It is said that when kannada activists rise in revolt against Tamils once in a while, their first targets are names ending in than, man, yan. How many other endings can you identify?

கௌதமன் said...

Man kidaiyaadhungo......!!
Muje bachchau!