Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quality and Quantity.

When Quantity goes up, Quality comes down. Is this "SO?"
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Anonymous said...

Interesting question!
Has this anything to do with the blogspots listed below?
1) Engalblog (Quantity)
2) Kasusobhana (Quality)

kg said...

Both quantity and quality are directly related to the skills and dedication within the organisation and there is no set rule that the increase in one is to result in a decrease in the other.

It is just like saying that philosophy takes over where science leaves are vice versa.

There is no truth in either.

raman said...

More sales, more profits, more money for R&D therefore uptrend in quality. Did not Sony audio improve with rising sales?

On the flip side, there is this "artist" segment, when more and more of the same thing introduces a stalenss. In order to meet high demand the quality is sacrificed to produce more saleable junk.

k_rangan said...

Like you said, the Japanese dedication to quality made Sony the front runner in transistorised products even before the inventors of the transistors could come out with any commercial ventures.

As for art their value goes up only due to their unique nature and the moment clones start appearing, even the original loses value.

Sometimes I even think, Valluvar Kottam had pulled down the importance of the Ther of Thiruvarur.

Anonymous said...

This Quality & Quantity argument reminds me, "Kannaa - panningadhaan koottamaa varum; aanaa singam single aadhaan varum!"

Anonymous said...

"singla thaan vaarumE" singam eppadi irukkumnu paarkkalaam.

Anonymous said...

It need not be so SO!